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xero terraflex reviews

With a determination to push forward, he took up his friend’s recommendation to attend a barefoot running class. The Mesa Trail is one of the most breathable shoes I have ever run in, more so than the Altra Superior 4 and definitely more than the Timp 3. In my opinion, this would make the Mesa Trail a great option for hot climates or for people who are prone to sweaty feet. Sole – The design pattern is very similar to the Vivobarefoot Trail Freak, only more spread out, have good traction but have to get used to the softer sole – initially it feels unsupported. They’re really comfortable and for my point of view, comfort is the main thing. If you’re into the looks, they look pretty good.

A couple of other observations about this shoe are the sizing and shoe strings. 5,000-mile sole warranty — Like all our FeelTrue® soles, the TerraFlex is backed by our 5,000-mile sole warranty.

xero terraflex reviews

Granted these shoes were not designed for roads, but if you were looking for a shoe that transitions well from trail to road and vice versa, I would go with something else. For a size 9, which makes them on the light side for most trail shoes. My problem with most other trail shoes that I see in stores is their large insoles, which means they fail in this category in my book. Personally, I prefer a shoe with less cushion so it doesn’t absorb water like a giant sponge when going through water obstacles. When I shop for a new OCR shoe the main things I look for is fit, traction and ability to stay light even when wet.

Yeah, I mean if your foot feels good in the shoe, then wear it. If you feel like your feet problems are decreasing because of wearing them, then that’s a good thing. I was wearing minimalist shoes some of the time, and traditional shoes some of the time. I normally vary between a UK size 5.5 and a 6, and my feet measure 24cm in length. But after factoring a half size up, I actually found the UK 6 very slightly too small in the length. As such I opted for the UK 6.5 instead (US 8.5.) These were a better fit and because of the wider toe box, my feet had plenty of room to flex and move.

I started the trip solidly skeptical that the XeroShoes TerraFlex would be sufficient for my 225Lbs + 25Lb pack. But I finished the hike optimistic that these lightweight trail shoes might actually replace my trail runners for even longer trips. I would love to get these shoes out on a longer excursion, like a 12 day Philmont trek.

Who These Shoes Are For:

Minimalist running hit the mainstream a decade ago, and many runners jumped in to it too fast, leading to injuries and pain. Barefoot, or minimalist running, still works for many though, especially when alternated with running in more traditional running shoes. So after finding out about minimalist footwear, I was really keen to try some. I’m not a running buff, but love to hike and do dabble in some trail runs.

xero terraflex reviews

The protective cap on the end helps to protect the toes if you catch a rock or root with the end of your foot. The toe box allows plenty of room for the foot to expand on long runs or hikes. When you get over the sticker shock they may make sense.

I can still “feel” the trail underfoot, but there is enough cushioning to protect against rocks, roots, etc. over the course of a longer run. The TerraFlex fits like the Prio, and has a wider toe box than conventional women’s shoes. If your feet are particularly wide, consider the Men’s TerraFlex. Just make sure to adjust the size by 1.5 (for example, a men’s 8 is the same length as a women’s 9.5). These are what I always wanted every other trail shoe to be.

Mesa Trail

All opinions are my own and are based off my personal experience with the product. 3.Natural Feel — There are more nerve endings on the bottom of your feet than anywhere but your finger tips and lips. Our footwear lets you do that, with a Goldilocks “just-right” layer of protection. The WrightSock Escape socks I was wearing did a good job of keeping my wet feet warm even in the slightly above freezing creek water. What I always wanted every other trail shoe to be.

  • I am all done with “shoes that provide great support” as they bend my feet to fit them.
  • This is a common theme amongst all Xero shoes and a key aspect for minimal running.
  • The Xero Terraflex weighs around 272g which is lighter than the shoe looks.
  • The TerraFlex incorporates a padded and breathable mesh upper for increased comfort as well as lugged soles for additional traction on a variety of surfaces and trail features.
  • But a few smaller companies have stuck to the belief that zero drop shoes are the best bet, and I’m glad that they are still around.
  • I wore them in the house for an hour before venturing outside in case I needed to exchange them.

The huarache style strap is integrated in to the lacing system and can tighten across the instep and the heel cup if needed. They even provide a great amount of grip when climbing trees!

I noticed on my pair, my toes touched the end of the shoes. The owner assured me that due to the Terraflex flexing very differently than a traditional running shoe, my toes touching should not be an issue. I was afraid my toes would get beat up hitting the end of the shoe. In reality I never noticed it, during or after a run. If you are worried though, move up a half size, and you’ll be good to go. The wide toe box gives your fore foot a natural freedom of movement and flexibility.

Obviously Steven and the gang at Xeroshoes can read my mind, and got to work on a trail version in the TerraFlex. As you can see above, the TerraFlex is patterned after the Prio, and is styled similarly, but with some great modifications. Do you remember running barefoot across a grassy yard during the summers as a kid? Many of us have been trying to recapture that feeling ever since. And most running shoes today don’t even come close to it, fancy gels, air pockets and cushioned soles not withstanding. Several manufacturers have offered solutions in the minimalist, or barefoot, shoe market.

I had hoped to wear them for the second half of my Great English Walk in April but they didn’t arrive in time. I believe that orders placed with the UK site will be delivered quickly. This is a preliminary review of the Xero TerraFlex running/hiking shoe, an American brand. For some time I, in common with other hikers and backpackers, swore by Inov-8 Terrocs and similar Inov-8 lightweight mesh shoes.

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It seems that he was actively involved in the design of the shoe, and is very bullish about its benefits for long-distance runs and walks. They justify the cost by saying that they use a more ergonomic last that adds contra asset account to production costs, and that it’s built using traditional cobblering, so it’s sewn rather than bonded and welded. This means that they can offer a free repair service, while the Vivo shoes aren’t repairable.

xero terraflex reviews

My style is slow and steady and my gear is light. I will sacrifice weight for comfort and durability to a degree.

Best Minimalist Hiking

According to both authors, Xero excels in performance, their lightweight design, and versatility. From trails, snow to asphalt, customers from all walks of life are loving Xero Shoes. They proved to be durable, comfortable, Certified Public Accountant and adaptable for most terrains. Others were a fan of their Barefoot Slippers, as they offered support and room during long treks. No Xero Shoes review is complete without a summary of common customer feedback.

Hurts as if you have several small pebbles lodged at the ball of my foot or painful blisters, but I don’t. Take the shoes off when I get home and it’s a major relief, but my foot hurts for the rest of the night and mildly tender the next day. Not water proof, but walking through wet meadows or mucky surfaces they’re not a sponge to moisture, but will get moist eventually. There is an exterior strap that connects from the bottom heel area to the laces. That rubber piece has split and no longer holds the strap so the strap is now floating at the top of the shoe at my ankle. If being used for hiking, at best, these are a very light hiker.

Where To Buy Xeroshoes Terraflex

I think of myself as having wide fit, and these feel a bit wide on me the whole way. They’re great for summer running, and obviously not ideal for winter conditions (although some people have been known to wear them with toe-socks and microspikes). I’ve found they require very careful foot placement on steep and slanted surfaces, otherwise the straps can bite painfully into soft skin. That said, the winner in last year’s SRT Run/Hike’s 70-mile xero terraflex reviews division wore sandals, so they’re worth considering for ultralight hiking as well as trail racing. I don’t feel like I’ve bragged on the shoes enough but this will have to do for now. I have considerable experience with several makes and styles, from “toe” shoes to much thicker but still zero drop trail runners and several in between. The toe shoes are just too hard to get on and the thick soled shoes don’t give me good ground feedback.

However, the shoes come with optional thin inner soles which just slip in to the shoes and actually make quite a difference. I love the nice wide toe box, so my feet never feel like they’re scrunched up at all. So, I would totally recommend them for hiking/trail walking.

Where Is Xero Shoes Made?

That said, it is certainly enough to handle all that we have here in Coastal South Carolina . I would definitely feel confident trying this tread out on a more technical trail. I would rank the ruggedness of this outsole much higher than any of my Hoka’s, but perhaps not quite as aggressive as Solomon. 360The all-new 360 is a lightweight cross-training shoe designed to handle training in the gym, court sports, parkour and just about anything else that requires quick lateral movement.

What little that would stick to the inside of the V has been easily removed with a hard knock on my porch steps after they have dried a few hours. But seriously, there hasn’t really been enough that this was necessary, I’m just in the habit of doing it with my other shoes. The outsole of the Mesa Trail consists of a 5mm-thick flexible rubber compound that is studded with 3.5 mm lugs. The wider toe box, zero drop platform, thin midsole, and flexible outsole all add up to a shoe that requires a forefoot-striking gait with my ankles and knees absorbing the force of impact. The Mesa Trail’s upper consists of a highly breathable mesh fabric lined with a moisture-wicking lining.

BSc Neurobiology; MSc Biomechanics candidate, ultra minimalist runner & founder of RunForefoot. I was inspired by the great Tirunesh Dibaba to try forefoot running. This is why I launched Run Forefoot, to advocate the health & performance benefits of forefoot running and to raise awareness on the dangers of heel striking, because the world needs to know. For instance, most of their footwear is built with Barefoam inserts, adjustable straps, Tough Tek toe bumpers, and rubber soles to ensure wearability, functionality, and protection.

I know that sounds lazy but I’m not very flexible and slightly overweight. However, slip on shoes would not be up to the hiking conditions I encounter so it is just part of the game. I wore them in the house for an hour before venturing outside in case I needed to exchange them. For the record, I was wearing socks and plan to most of the time. Anyways, I don’t anticipate any fit issues but will try them on some long hikes over steep terrain soon to see how the toe area and heel fit fare.

Author: David Paschall

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