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Bill Of Quantities (BOQ), What’s The Purpose Of It

The number of materials, labor, and costs for a construction project is listed in a bill of quantities (BOQ), a document made by a quantity surveyor or cost consultant. A crucial component of the tender is the Bill of Quantities. A tender is lacking without a suitable Bill of Quantities. It typically contains details about the project’s scope, labor costs, materials used, the number of employees, and other things. Contractors can estimate costs for their particular work using this information and data. A bill of quantities makes sure that the project goes off without a hitch. Sometimes future projects will refer to a bill of quantities. BOQs aid in cost calculation after a construction’s design and specifications have been completed. It serves as a crucial conduit between contractors, consultants, and engineers.

The Main Purpose Of a BOQ

  • Standardize the procedure used by contractors submitting bids to create a firm price for the work to be done.
  • Give contractors using the same information a fair and accurate way to price the project.
  • Permit the employer’s consultants to conduct a tender analysis so they can contrast other tender offers with the total cost received and individually priced items.
  • Allow the contract administrator or quantity surveyor to verify that each contractor has submitted genuine bids that are in accordance with the tender information and offer the client value for their money.

Significance of BOQ

  • The bill of quantities is one of the most important documents in the construction sector.
  • A bill of quantities gives a contractor a clear understanding of the entire project and who will be responsible for working on it.
  • The BOQ provides clients with a foundation for evaluating, contrasting, and comparing contracts.
  • It is necessary for creating the final invoice for the contractors.

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