How can BIM help AEC firms achieve their business objectives?

BIM help AEC firms achieve

Any construction company today will be aware about the benefits that are associated with BIM. Its collaboration capabilities, clash detection abilities etc. are well documented and no longer surprising for any AEC professional. However, when it comes to adapting any new technology or a working method the bottom line comes down to success and profits. Any company will put a significant importance on the monetary gains they can achieve by changing the way they function. In the current article we state the ways in which BIM can help construction companies accomplish their business objectives.

Help secure more projects

Due to the high complexity of the projects and the increased competition the construction sectors generally sees a fierce bidding process. A bid requires a lot of information about materials, labour costs, equipment etc. collected from different stakeholders. BIM could help manage the information better. Secondly, BIM with proper 3D visualization allows the construction professionals to properly present the information to their client which is crucial in the bidding process. Finally, BIM is no longer a novel concept and everyone is aware about their advantages. Using BIM for bidding process allows the clients and government officials to know that they company uses all the best tools and technology available in the construction sector.

Customer Satisfaction

As mentioned above BIM streamlines the whole construction process. It allows the designers and engineers to communicate their design intent right from the start so there is no gap in communication. The client clearly knows what to expect and is not ultimately surprised. Moreover, one of the main things that can negatively affect the construction company’s image and client satisfaction is providing late deliverables. BIM improves productivity on multiple levels. It makes it possible for multiple team members to work on the same model and augments the speed in the preconstruction stage. It also reduces rework by catching any errors which onsite would cause significant delays. 4D BIM also ensures project timelines are maintained throughout the project. Finally, BIM also makes it possible to extract accurate 2D construction drawings. Construction Documentation Services helps the ground workers work fast and effectively.

Enhanced Profit Margins

In the end the most important thing for any company to survive is money. BIM allows the construction company to increase their profitability. Right at the bidding stage it provides accurate cost estimates and ensures the construction company is bidding appropriately. With 5D BIM cost related data is liked to material quantities making it possible to keep proper track of cost throughout the project. Finally, with no rework and optimal use of resources the virtual 3D model ultimately leads to less waste of money.

Growth and Safety

Another important objective of business is to grow. The growth could be in various ways like the size of the employees, capacity to take new projects, revenue etc. BIM Services help on all fronts. Proficiency in BIM allows the company to take on new projects of more complexity and complete them more successfully. It also helps boost their confidence in their capabilities. Moreover, BIM increases the speed and quality of their final deliverables which then results in increased customer satisfaction and more revenue. Finally, with more projects and more money the company can take on more employees.

It is now apparent that the future of construction is Building Information Modeling. By remaining stagnant the construction will not be able to compete with other companies who have already adopted BIM. It is imperative that they too get with time so that they can remain competitive and successful.

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