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Inflatable Concrete Dome Construction - Engisoft Engineering

Over fifty years have passed since the invention of Concrete Dome Construction. They are generally very strong and aesthetically pleasing. They have been used for everything from housing to storage for many years. Traditional formwork, however, is pricy and time-consuming for curved concrete shells. Such formwork is not required with inflatable concrete. Another industry innovation is inflated concrete.

How Concrete Inflatable Domes Operate

The shape of the initial concrete slab, which is delivered in a few sections to slide into wedge-shaped spaces, is a crucial aspect of this construction process. A steel cable is used to tighten and lift the concrete from both the outside and the center of the air cushion, which is made of plastic sheets that have been welded together. The pieces are held in place by the dome’s shape, and the strength can be increased by adding a layer of plaster. Its distinctive design elevates conventional architectural techniques to a creative level.

General requirements for domes

  • Affordable to construct and maintain
  • Resistant to weather conditions, wind, and fire
  • Able to withstand gradual deterioration
  • Comfortable and attractive in appearance

For rail tracks, weatherproof safety shelters, and even energy-efficient homes, domes are useful constructions.

Benefits Of Flatter able Concrete

Fabrication is quick and labor-inefficient after setup and preparation are finished by trained crews. According to researchers, the process will drastically cut down on labor, costs, and construction times. It will probably be employed in the construction of overpasses, animal crossings, and a variety of other architectural designs.

Only one’s imagination can constrain the possibilities. There’s a chance that various inflatable concrete projects will show up. There are many options, including athletic facilities, military installations, opulent residences, and storm shelters.


How strong is a concrete dome?

The depth of many Monolithic Domes’ burials reaches 30 feet. The maximum pressure they can withstand per square foot is one ton.

How are Monolithic Domes built?

An inflatable balloon-like structure known as an “Airform” is used to construct a monolithic dome, giving the dome its shape.

How long do dome houses last?

These Carbon-Neutral Bioceramic Geodesic Dome Homes Are Built To Last 500 Years And Will Not Rot, Burn, Or Rust.

Do dome homes leak?

They will leak like a sieve if the roof is not installed exceptionally well.

What are the 3 types of domes?

This study compares the Schwedler, Kiewit, and geodesic domes, three popular dome types.


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