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Importance of BIM Services to AEC Professionals

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is one of the most promising advancements in the field of the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry. A virtual model is constructed which is used for designing, planning, constructing, and operating a facility and helps engineers, architects & Contractors to potentially solve issues before the execution of the project. With the use of BIM, the AEC industry aims to decrease the cost of the project, increase productivity, and most of all, reduce the delivery time of the project. The most reliable point of BIM is the integrative collaboration of all factors related to a project; from the initial design of the project to project handover.

Importance of BIM

Increases efficiency and productivity

BIM increases efficiency and productivity and improves the coordination of the team.

Thorough Knowledge

BIM provides a thorough knowledge of the project, making it easier for the engineers to access the data and edit or share it with the client.

Avoid any Discrepancies

All the models including the architectural BIM digital model, structural digital model, and MEP model are linked together by the team of architects to avoid any discrepancies or errors at every step of the project.

Increases Quality

With the mutual understanding of the project by all the participants and constant contact, the time spent on the project reduces, and the quality increased.

Early Detection of Errors

It is easier to resolve a conflict by early detection of errors and avoiding on-site clashes that can potentially increase your budget.

Preventing Shocking Surprises

BIM allows the participants of the project to envision the outcome, preventing any shocking surprises or clashes during and after the execution of the project.

BIM has changed the face of the AEC industry – it has given the industry a positive direction by enabling the participants to connect and collaborate in an effective manner. BIM allows industries to be reliant on technology to unravel unknown opportunities available for professionals to explore.

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