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There is a growing cut-throat competition among AEC firms to succeed in the face of constant technological advancements that help improve operational efficiency and deliver outputs at a much faster pace than before. To keep up with this never-ending modernization by flexibly adopting to changes is difficult to manage as it requires frequent training for updating manpower skills. This requires significant time, finance and efforts to be invested in enhancing the structure planning and designing stage itself which deviates construction companies from their main objective i.e. to maintain quality and consistency in their building projects.

Thus, construction companies are increasingly turning towards outsourcing the digital construction phase of their projects to firm specializing in BIM Modelling Services to reap the many benefits of offshoring, some of which are discussed below.

Focus on Core Business

The fundamental business of construction companies has always been what the name suggests: Construction. This business, although overall profitable, had a lot of untapped profit potential that can easily harvested by simply employing methods that not only enhance operations, productivity and output quality but also help architects design creative yet feasible structures.

With ever rising competition of completing work in quick time without budget expansions, construction companies need to employ modern fool proof methods such that material wastage and reworks are minimized. This requires accurate and detailed plans, drawings and schedules that BIM modelling can provide. But to invest in in-house BIM may not be a wise decision as it might deter the construction companies from focusing on its actual goals along with giving low ROI.

Hence, to stay competitive by delivering swift as well as cost effective services with all the perks of modernization, outsourcing BIM solutions is the best option for construction firms.

Assured Expertise

Professionals employed at outsourcing firms are well versed and up-to-date with latest industry and country specific codes and standards. Apart from expertise in the architectural and structural domain, they also have immersive experience in providing MEP BIM Services that helps them to easily overcome project complexities that usually arise the most in MEP design phase. This allows them to develop comprehensive, highly precise, transparent and informative BIM models within short estimated time frame that support a seamless construction process.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Offshoring BIM requirements helps construction companies save on significant time and cost that might otherwise have been incurred in recruiting, training and development of appropriately skilled professionals. Additionally, in-housing BIM solutions would cost the company with salaries, equipment, software and rent of offices space.

With offshoring BIM solutions, construction companies can assign their projects to firms having appropriate expertise, experience and a multi-disciplinary team of extensively trained professionals dedicating their efforts on their individual models. This allows them to access high quality coordinated BIM modelling at competitive prices and in quick turnaround time.


World population is expected to hit 9 billion by 2050, out of which 2 in every 3 will be living in a city. This forecasts how high the demand for construction services might go especially in developed economies like the SHARJH, AJMAN, ABU DHABI
SAUDI, UAE etc. Thus, construction firms are faced with a serious question that if the growth will be manageable and profitable?

Offshoring is the way forward to gain just that! It not only offers the aforementioned benefits, but also provides increased productivity and better access to utmost professionalism along with complete data security so clients don’t have to worry about information breach. It is also great to avail quick permits and government sanctions as outsourcing firms employ industry experts that stay up to date with latest country and industry specific codes and standards.

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