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The construction companies have realized that for them to move ahead in this extremely competitive market they must start leveraging all the modern tools and technologies that they have at their disposal. One such methodology which would drastically help them improve their functions is that of Building Information Modeling.

That being said for construction companies who have worked with CAD for a long duration may find it difficult to shift to BIM. It requires patience, extensive training and ultimately time which every company migrating to BIM doesn’t always have. In these situations the AEC companies have the option to outsource their BIM requirements. It saves them the overhead costs of hiring a team, training, salaries, office space etc. At the same time it allows them to focus on their core deliverables.

However, as the demand for BIM services rises there are more and more companies opting to meet those demands. However, the construction companies must be cautious of who they choose as their BIM service provider as the fate of their construction project hinges on it. Here are the five things that the construction company must lookout for.

Look at projects completed

It is an industry practice today to at least display some of the better projects that are completed by them. Samples are the best to assess the skill and expertise of the company. It also increases confidence that they can deliver what is promised. It is always better to go and look at the samples and case-studies, notice the details, the time taken by them and even read about the problems they faced and how they were tackled. If the samples or the details are not displayed then it is even a good practice to reach out to them and ask for the details regarding the same.

Glance at the reviews

Looking at the reviews of any company is important because they strengthen the company’s credibility. They will be an important factor to gain the trust and it also provides a brief about the weakness as well as the strength of the company. It is not just the website but also various other platforms today which have the potential to determine the experiences of the company.


It is ultimately the team who will be communicating with you and carrying out the project and hence it is crucial to judge their capabilities and experience. Right from the BIM coordinator to the BIM team its vital to know the people who are handling your project in the end. A good practice might be to start with a smaller project and judge their skills and if they deliver you could move ahead with them on bigger projects.


In the end in business it all comes down to the bottom line and hence it is important to consider the element of price. However, the AEC Company must realize that low hourly rates doesn’t always translate to a cheaper project cost. A BIM Company may quote a higher hourly rate but their speed, lack of errors and the high-quality of deliverables may in the end be worth the cost.

Thus, each company has its own criteria of choosing their partner providing BIM Services and the above five point’s just act as a guide to what they must be looking out for. In the end the construction company must be very cautious and do a thorough research before deciding whom they will be working with.

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