Effects of Drone Use in Construction

Effects of Drone Use in Construction

Drone is a general term used for robotic vehicles. These vehicles can be pre-programmed or can be controlled by a computer program to perform a specific task. It is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard and its introduction has revolutionized the construction industry giving a real-time view to monitoring various activities on a site. In the construction industry, drones have given relatively easy access to large, complex, or tall structures. These are most commonly used for gathering data required for surveys, inspections, or monitoring activities on the site and also for security surveillance purposes. Their set-up costs are generally low which helps in cost management. These allow to access difficult areas, and project management can be faster & safer than other conventional methods. 

To make the use clear, the following points will help you in understanding the importance of Drones in construction management.

  • Drones can be programmed to take off, follow a flight path, perform specific tasks, and auto-land at defined locations.
  • Drones help in the transmission of information from remote areas that are needed to be constructed and can be zoomed in to obtain additional information where issues are identified during flight.
  • It greatly reduces the labor and time involved in producing accurate information as the site can be viewed without actually visiting it. 
  • Drones eliminate the human error involved while collecting the necessary data for a particular investigation or a survey.
  • It has the ability to capture necessary data in much less time than traditional methods would take.
  • Also, the Information gathered can be automatically uploaded to the cloud and viewed on tablets by the project management team.
  • Small drones can be fitted into a case, set up quickly, and can gather high-resolution information and continuous footage providing a real-time view.

However, drones have limited access because of public concerns and it might be difficult for them to operate in poor weather conditions, or where there is poor visibility. 

Where construction management has been difficult, with all the innovations and changes to traditional methods, here comes the ‘Drones’ for greater efficiency and accuracy in the near future as well. Therefore, Early and effective implementation of the technology will give construction companies a significant edge in a very competitive market.

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