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How To Prepare BOQ - Engisoft Engineering

A bill of quantities, also known as a BOQ or BQ in short, is a document created by a quantity surveyor or cost consultant that contains information about the costs and quantities of materials and labor used in construction projects. The tender’s Bill of Quantities (BOQ) section is crucial. Without an accurate Bill of Quantities, a tender cannot be considered. It typically includes information about the work’s description, scope, materials used, laborers who were employed, etc. The contractors can estimate the costs for their specific work with the aid of this information and data.

BOO facilitates quick evaluation and comparison of price quotes from various contractors and aids in making the best choice possible. An accurate Bill of Quantities ensures that the work is completed without any complications.

A Bill of Quantities may occasionally be used as a guide for upcoming projects.

How To Prepare?

Defining the Work

The first and most important step in creating a BOQ is this. The work that needs to be done is explained in detail and in simple terms so that the contractor can understand what needs to be done.

Quantity Take Off 

After the work is described, the quantity is calculated and subtracted. It provides a thorough idea of the scope of the work that must be done by a contractor. The amount of work is specified in units.

Describing The Rates

The last step in creating a BOQ is to provide information about the rates of work items per unit.

Schedule of Rates (SOR), current rates, market surveys, and other considerations are used to determine each item’s rate.

Finally, to determine the total amount for a specific item of work, the total quantity of work is multiplied by the unit rate of the item of work.


When do I need a Bill of Quantities?

No matter the size, every building project you start must be completely documented. Planning poorly sets a project up for failure. This includes a reserve for unanticipated cost overruns as well as the project’s overall cost for all materials and labor. You must make sure you are profitable as a builder.

Who prepares a Bill of Quantities?

A Bill of Quantities is typically created by a quantity surveyor. A university education with a focus on the construction sector is typical for a quantity surveyor.

What is the difference between a Bill of Quantity and a Bill of Materials?

These two things are remarkably comparable. A list of materials with a labor and material rate or dollar amount is typically included in a “Bill of Quantity.” A Bill of Materials, on the other hand, is a list of every single material item needed to finish the entire project or process.

A Bill of Quantity, for instance, will list an internal door as having a single dollar value, whereas a Bill of Material will list each individual component needed to construct or assemble an internal door in its entirety.

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