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BIM for MEP Designers - Engisoftengineering

Through BIM automation, BIM Service Provider like Engisoft  improves productivity at every end and step of the construction workflow. BIM technology is responsible for effectively utilizing time, material, and manpower resources while collaborating with stakeholders.

Today’s construction industry is taking a more eco-friendly approach to building design. As a result, MEP systems benefit the environment, and building occupants can save money on energy consumption. However, sustainable MEP design services face some challenges, which are being addressed rapidly through Building Information Modeling. So, Engisoft steps in to create a sustainable BIM for MEP designers.


Techniques Of MEP designers for building design?

MEP designers use the latest engineering technologies to create building services that control a building’s energy efficiency. Among the techniques are:

AI-powered ACs: HVAC systems that use AI-learning technology automatically adjust settings to improve energy efficiency. Data is used to forecast weather and adjust the settings on air conditioners. Some MEP systems also analyze human activity by reading floor temperature and adjusting cooling in air conditioners.

Ventilation: A sustainable HVAC system allows for the minimal heat loss while providing efficient airflow. The heat from machines and other human activities can warm the air outside. As a result, the heat from the source is not wasted, and air circulation becomes more sustainable.

Smart unit: Smart control units and sensors assist owners in measuring, monitoring, and controlling energy consumption via heating or cooling systems connected to smartphones and tablets.

Solar collectors: Both solar panels and solar collectors increase the efficiency of solar collection, enhancing the benefits of the solar-thermal system.


BIM in MEPFP Design

BIM for MEP designers assists MEPFP professionals in efficiently designing, detailing, documenting, and fabricating building systems. Project teams use BIM to improve collaboration, share data, and accelerate project delivery from design to construction. Working in a BIM process allows the MEPFP project team to design and build more accurately, resolve clashes, and optimize building system design. BIM is essential for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Technicians on all levels.


Major Aspects of BIM in MEPFP design

Digital Engineering: MEPFP design in digital engineering BIM models are model-based and data-driven, containing all of the information and data that product manufacturers must meet in terms of technical and functional details. This also aids in the calculation and production of data-driven MEPF designs. Building Information Modeling not only generates the MEPFP model but also enables collaboration and information sharing throughout the building’s life cycle.

Intelligent BIM: BIM brings all stakeholders together, including MEPF engineers, property owners, product manufacturers, fabricators, and contractors. The model is built with data-rich objects and design automation for coordination with minimal waste and cost.

MEPF Coordination: The MEPFP coordination model’s fabrication value gives detailed layout and spatial data of the MEPF elements of building design. BIM models can also identify and visualize potential conflicts between interdisciplinary trades, allowing for more detailed design, more accurate schedules, and better budget projection.


Trades of MEPFS Coordination

Plumbing and Sanitary System – Pumps, water holding tanks, pool filtration equipment, Sump, sewage pit, grease and sand traps, etc.

Fire Safety System – Fire sprinkler pumps, sprinkler tanks fire shutters, smoke curtains, piping system, etc.

Mechanical System – HVAC Equipment and distribution such as Cooling tower, AHU, Ducting, etc.

Electrical System – Panels, switchboards, elevators, transformer, cable trays, etc.

Outside of Building – External works, rooftop, and external face of a building, etc.


Benefits of BIM for MEPFP Designers

MEPFP designers gain an advantage from the use of BIM. While CAD software provides basic documentation of the work, BIM allows engineers as well as other building designers, construction, and building managers to plan and think about all aspects of the building in 3D from start to finish, including future changes. Aside from the obvious benefits of saving money and time, other advantages of BIM in MEPFP include:

  • Improved building design
  • Information Streamlining
  • Support and enhancement in lifecycle management
  • Effective structure execution strategy
  • Improved construction timeline
  • Excellent adaptability
  • Detection of clashes at an early stage of the project
  • Effective building performance evaluation
  • Enhance your maintenance and lifecycle management



What is BIM in MEP?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an intelligent, 3D model-based process that assists MEP professionals in more effectively designing, detailing, documenting, and fabricating building systems.

What is the difference between MEP and BIM?

While BIM is a process that encompasses all aspects of the construction industry, MEP is solely concerned with plant engineering.

Which is better AutoCAD MEP or Revit MEP?

Revit offers more design options than AutoCAD.

What is AutoCAD MEP used for?

AutoCAD MEP software helps in the creation, design, and documentation of building systems.

What is the difference between Revit and AutoCAD?

The main difference is that AutoCAD is CAD software, whereas Revit is BIM software.

What is MEP fabrication?

The Autodesk MEP Fabrication Suite is a collection of 3D construction software products that enable mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) contractors to connect to BIM-based workflows at a lower cost of entry.


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