Mistakes to avoid while hiring your CAD Service Provider

Mistakes to avoid while hiring your CAD

CAD Drafting is essential in the construction sector. The ability to provide accurate designs and drawings increases the speed and precision of construction. Even with the advent of Building Design Solutions a lot of construction companies still use CAD, may it be due to the project size or it could be because CAD is more convenient at the conceptual planning stage.

A lot of AEC firms today also opt to outsource their CAD requirements. Outsourcing allows them better cost saving, provides them with exposure to a talented and experienced pool of drafters etc. Moreover, it also means that they don’t have to worry about issues like retaining a staff; their salary, training etc. and they can simply concentrate on their core deliverables. Additionally looking at the demand for Drafting Services there are a lot of companies today that provide CAD solutions. Construction companies while choosing their CAD or BIM partner must be careful about a few things. Below we state four such points.

Don’t make a selection on pricing alone

This is perhaps the most common and deceptive mistake. Whenever you are looking to hire a CAD partner there are at least a few companies from which you will ask quotes from. It is a natural tendency to go for the lowest cost because that would mean the project cost also remains low. However, it is not smart simply to base an important decision on cost alone, especially when the cost is quoted in terms of hourly rate. Here, you must remember that low hourly rate may not always translate to low project cost. A company might have a higher quote but may complete it in fewer hours and provide you with better cost savings.

Not considering experience:

Domain Specific knowledge, skill, expertise etc. are all extremely important however one thing which must be considered in all cases is experience. Experience means that they would have come across a project similar to yours and will be able to provide tested solutions to any problem. It also means that they know the kind of problems that might arise and they ensure that they don’t occur. Moreover, experience doesn’t also just mean how long the company has been operational but it means to look for specific experience. For instance, you require MEP CAD Services then look at the number of MEP projects they have completed, glance at their team page to see if they have engineers and drafters etc.

Not looking at references:

Always look at what the other people have said about their experience while working with the company. It will give you an idea about the quality of work that they provide as well as reassure you that your project will be completed in the stipulated timeframe with less error. It also works a guide to know some common problems that you might face like language barrier, delayed dispatches etc. it could be something small which you can work around or it could be something monumental which impacts your decision drastically. Either way knowing in advance is always better.

Not looking at their projects:

Also a lot of companies today tend to upload samples and case studies of their previously completed projects. That will allow you to check if they have actually completed a given number of projects. You can also check for the size, complexities etc. involved in the project to determine if they will be able to handle your project.

Thus, the construction companies looking to outsource their CAD requirements to any company must be careful of the above four points. It would help them find a reliable partner who will be able to provide them with high-quality services.

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